Heating and air Services

Heating and air Services

At inteGreen Services, we take pride in our superior HVAC technicians. 
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Plumbing Services

Plumbing Services

At inteGreen Services, we take pride in our superior plumbing technicians.
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Electrical Services

Electrical Services

At inteGreen Services, we take pride in our superior electrical technicians.
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About Us

inteGreen Services is the best choice for heating, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical service in the area. 

We train our employees to cross trades and each and every employee that works for inteGreen is being constantly trained in all three trades.  Why call a plumber, an air conditioner repairman, or an electrician and the water well guy when you can get all with one call. 

We built inteGreen around the name and a theory.  The name signifies two things; INTEGRITY, which means to stand behind everything we do and to make sure we do exactly what we promise, and that is to provide the most efficient, highly trained technicians available and strive daily to improve each and every employee that works here.  We send employees to training almost monthly and provide incentive for licensing and as a result, we have the most licensed technicians in the area. inteGreen Services holds 6 Master licenses! Honesty and Trust is standard at inteGreen.  If we tell a customer a job is going to cost X number of dollars, then no matter what, that is what it will cost.  The other half of the name is derived of the inherent advantages of high efficiency, environmentally friendly products, also commonly known as “GREEN” products.  We focus on high quality products and staying away from the low priced sub standard products most companies and the competition sell.  We know the advantages and quality “Green” products provide.  The biggest consumer of energy within a home is the heating and air conditioning system.  By focusing on the higher efficiency units, not only do we allow the consumer to “Go Green”, but give the consumer the opportunity to reap the benefit of doing their own part to save energy and to lessen their own carbon footprint.  Through new heating and air conditioning system installations, we commonly cut energy bills by 30-50%!  What a huge opportunity to save money and help the environment.  We don’t stop there; we sell Solar water wells, Constant pressure water wells, Geothermal heat pumps, Hybrid Heat heating and air conditioning systems, waterless urinals, low water usage toilets, low water usage faucets, re-cycled PVC pipe for drainage applications, and always push to find ways to do our part for the environment.  We are currently installing around 300 heating and or air conditioning systems per year! 

We pride ourselves on fast, friendly service and to always do the right thing for our customers.  We focus on the little things that matter.  We don’t guarantee to be the cheapest, but we do promise to be the best, and to provide the best service for your dollar available. 

We only sell name branded Carrier and Trane heating and air conditioning equipment and never pull the swap move and attempt to sell a customer a sub-standard product just to make a sale.  We are not concerned about losing a sale based on price, because we understand that it takes patience as a service provider for some consumers to realize that they will get what they pay for.  We will walk away from a sale before selling someone a piece of off-branded HVAC equipment, or cheap products in any trade category.

 We want to build long term trusting relationships with our customers and look out for their best interest rather than the bottom line.  We believe in hard work, being efficient in everything we do and being honest. We hope with a little help from up above, that we will continue to grow and become the First choice for heating, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical work in the area.


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What Our Customers Say

"Our family is most appreciative of the service(s) that were provided for us over the last couple of weeks. Your guys were prepared in all ways, knowledgable, professional, time efficient, and very clean. Thank you for a job well done!"

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We employ technicians certified by NATE.
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